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Mignon is the first machine for mixing and pumping cellular concrete. This is an automatic plant of contained cost and with reduced dimensions which substitutes the traditional manual drum plants, ensuring an increase in productivity of some 20 m3/hr and significantly reducing the use of labour and production costs.

Mignon is a simple and reliable machine for making and pumping cellular concrete, usable also by non-expert layers. It is an indispensable machine for the production of reduced quantities and in sites situated in historic centres or at sites with difficult access, where limited space requires operational flexibility.

Mignon 20CP is made up of a small silo measuring only 3.9 metres long which, thanks to an extremely compact structure, can hold over 16 metric tons of raw material.

Mignon 20CP allows for avoiding recourse to the usual and bulky sacks, also thus limiting the cost of concrete, which can be purchased loose at decidedly lower prices.

Silo capacity 15 m3
Water capacity 1500 litres
Foaming agent capacity 200 litres
Piston compressor 5,5 hp
Set of tubing 70 meters
tube winding drum electrical
Output screw pump
Weight 3 metric tons
Production 17 – 20 m3/hour
Assembly options su 2 (*) / 3 / 4 axes

(*) with assembly on 2 axes, the capacity is limited to a maximum of 8 metric tons of concrete.

the Mignon plant for production of cellular concrete can be equipped with a radio plant for remote control and a 44Kw generator.

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