The C2018 Isoltech plant can continuously produce cellular concrete in variable quantities, up to 20 m3/h. It employs an exclusive technology, tested, robust, reliable and easy to use.

It represents top quality: it adds the prestige of innovation to the work site.

C2018 is able to use all the complementary additives required to produce new generation cellular concrete:

  • Low water/concrete ratio cellular concretes.
  • Fast drying cellular concretes.
  • Thixotropic, drip-proof cellular concretes.
  • 150-220 kg/m3 low density mineral foam.

The plant can be equipped with a self-diagnostics device connected to a Sim Card and modem in the switchboard, that allows Isoltech to connect to the plant via web, providing service in real-time.

Among its advantages, full autonomy, given the 280 ql. of cement at full load, 3,000 lt of water and generator that provides the necessary electricity without having to depend on the site grid.

The weighted plant (C2018) is made up of 2 PLCs: one located in the main switchboard and one in the stainless steel control panel. The two PLCs communicate and interact via LAN cable (Ethernet).

This type of plant does not require a man-machine interface but can be equipped with two solutions as needed:

  • 5” or 7” colour touch screen OPERATOR PANEL to enter processing times and manage the alarm list.
  • 12” or 15” colour touch screen PC PANEL to fully manage the plant. In addition to editing processing times and managing the alarm list, with this solution the operator can create/manage recipes and save them in a log that can be exported to a USB key in txt or Excel file format.

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