Our technology and our expertise are used by Isoltech partners in at least 40 countries throughout the world.
Indeed, Isoltech partners do not simply acquire raw materials or technology for producing cellular concrete, but also a professionalism in the sector which makes them autonomous in the production of the best possible product, using raw materials present in their own reference market.

We pass on our complete professionalism to Isoltech partners, through the sale of a technology made up of machinery, additives, spares and supported by training and after sales support.
We create relationships of long lasting partnership thanks to constant shadowing with the client. Periodically, our technicians visit the premises of Isoltech partners in order to verify and maintain the high quality of the product.

We support our partners from the commercial point of view also, developing marketing strategies suitable for the area of competence, coupling them with the promotion of Isoltech branded products in their country.


From 2005, we have progressed our international development programme, gathering consensus and interest in various parts of the world.
The results obtained thus far are also to be attributed to those people who have believed and who still believe in our project.
Isoltech has known how to repay them, augmenting their competence in the sector and guaranteeing professionalism over a technology which represents the present, but also the future eco-sustainability of the Planet.

If you are a builder, a manufacturer of building materials, a finisher or a pre-fabricator, contact us to become one of our Isoltech partners.
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