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Isoltech method

We offer technology and we transfer skills to produce indipendenty cellular concrete.

excellently and independently

You will find not only foaming agents, machinery and mobile plants, but a highly personalized service able to offer you all the tools and skills necessary for the production of cellular concrete in an indipendent and excellent way.


Our method,
your new market

Our methodical approach, applied worldwide since 1966, will lead you to the indipendent production of an excellent and certified product.
Test preliminari delle materie prime
Preliminary tests of raw materials
In our internal laboratory we test your raw materials, the ones you usually find on your market..
Test preliminari delle materie prime
Custom formula
Thanks to the testing of raw materials we optimize our formula for your specific needs..
Test preliminari delle materie prime
Training and start-up on site
We train your staff and our technicians will assist you in starting the plant..
Test preliminari delle materie prime
Certification of cellular concrete properties
We provide our certifications and help you get yours..
Test preliminari delle materie prime
Specific pre-post sales advice
We are by your side even after start-up and offer you commercial presence at events and fairs on your market..


We are suppliers of technology, machinery, plant and foaming agents for the production of cellular concrete..

Foaming agents for cellular concrete

The foaming agents for the production of cellular concrete are the result of over 40 years’ experience in the sector.

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Auxiliary Additives for Cellular Concrete

The ample range of isoltech auxiliary additives, designed for improving the performance of cellular concrete in all of its applications.  

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Complementary Products

They constitute the useful completion of the range for a better customer service.

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Mobile installations

The plants for the production of cellular concrete blocks are the strong point of the Isoltech range. From these plants blocks of various sizes are obtained depending on the different uses: seismic blocks, masonry blocks . A scalable solution over time able to adapt to productions up to 200/250 cubic meters / day.

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Fixed and Mobile Cellular Concrete Machines and Plants

Isoltech designs and makes fixed and mobile machines and plants for the production of cellular concrete.

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Cellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks Plants

We create plants for the production of lightweight blocks in cellular concrete. A ready to use solution.

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Innovative and environmentally friendly solutions..

density 100-200 kg/m3

Low Density technology is used to produce cellular concrete with a density between 100 and 200 kg/cubic metre, guaranteeing a high level of insulation.


Increment Tixo is a specific additive for cellular concrete: a product of Isoltech research and experience, with anti-seepage, thickening and accelerating properties. It is useful in all cases where the material must not flow out easily.

Cellular concrete properties

The unique properties of Cellular Concrete make it one of the strongest, most reliable and effective materials in the construction industry. Take a look at all the properties of cellular concrete
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