Cellular Concrete Properties

Explore all the applications of cellular concrete.

Cellular concrete, through its mass and porous surface, muffles the propagation of the sound wave and guarantees exceptional insulation, be that for the passing wave or for sound refraction.

Reduction in pressure of the sound wave obtained with cellular concrete.

Cellular concrete made up of very fine silica sand and of concrete, with other components, to be finished off maturing in an autoclave.

Application of the cellular concrete. Nonetheless, it is considered as a real building system which allows for the creation of vertical structures with high thermal insulation. For more information about Cast in Situ Application …

Concrete mortar which contains tiny bubbles of air introduced in the form of foam. For more information about Isoltech Technologies

Artificial hydraulic binder which is transformed into a thermal insulator with its cellular structure.

“Dry density” is defined as the weight of a cellular concrete mix when the mixing water in excess of the hydration water has evaporated.

Product obtained from a foaming agent in a water solution with compressed air; indispensable for production of cellular concrete.

Agent which produces foam for obtaining cellular concrete. For more information refer to Foaming Agents web page.

“Humid density” is defined as the weight of a cellular concrete mix in its fresh state before placing into service. Its value is expressed in kg/m3, and is the sum of the concrete and the water necessary for working and placing into service; the weight of the foam inserted is possibly inert.

Light weight and economical foamed volume obtained with cellular concrete.

Reduction in sound wave pressure obtained with cellular concrete.

Together with layers between the flooring slabs and the paving, where according to the function of the thickness, it could be single or double layered.

This is the technology developed by Isoltech to produce cellular concrete with a density of between 100 and 200 kg/m3, guaranteeing an elevated potential for insulation.

A complete and ecological construction system which does not require furnaces and autoclaves. Uses very little energy to produce a cellular concrete, utilizing extremely limited amounts of natural resources. A building solution which significantly lowers production costs and, thanks to its simplicity, is very attractive for emerging economies.

Screed made up of a single layer of cellular concrete with sand at medium density. For more information about Single Layer Screed Application…

Flooring support layer, made out of cellular concrete. For more information about Sloping roofs in Cellular Concrete Application…

Cellular concrete impedes the conduction of heat thanks to the low heat transference coefficient.

Flooring support made up of 2 layers: Base layer in cellular concrete, and self-levelling fluid screed in sand and concrete. For more information about Double Layer Screed Application…

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